Dutchland Manufacturers the Award-Winning Sway Chair for KI

When it was introduced at the 2015 NeoCon World’s Trade Fair in Chicago, the Sway Chair from KI was an instant classic.

Born of a marriage between Mid-Century Modern Design and pre-space race science fiction, the innovative, orbital self-adjusting chair wowed festival-goers, winning NeoCon’s Innovative Product of the Year.

The chair went on to win the Best Innovative & State-of-the-Art Awards at the 2015 ARM Rotomolded Product Competition in Colorado, awards they celebrated with the chair’s manufacturer – Dutchland Plastics.

Dutchland worked closely with the designers at KI to develop this very unique award-winning rotomolded chair, ensuring the molded seat and base were virtually indestructible, designed to withstand the toughest seating environments, while looking ultra-cool. 

“Our team put a lot of thought into designing the most comfortable lounge chairs on the market, and Dutchland was able to take those designs and make them a reality.”

Shawn Green, VP of Design and Product Marketing, KI Furniture



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The KI Sway Chair is just one of the award-winning plastic products Dutchland Plastics has made. If you are ready to talk about how make your idea a reality, let's talk.

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