QuickConnectTM Product Launch Program

Strengthen your supply chain with Dutchland.

Expanding your existing operations or moving production to a new contract manufacturer without interruption is critical to your business’s continuity and growth. The Dutchland QuickConnectTM program employs our proven 5-step process to make sure we seamlessly onboard, qualify and deliver your product flawlessly on-time and on-budget.

5-Step Process:

The Dutchland QuickConnectTM program gives you:

  • Seamless onboarding and production of their products
  • Structured sales, inventory and operational planning (SIOP)
  • High quality, timely delivery, competitive cost and rapid speed to market
  • Minimal tool downtime, limiting the need for excessive inventory buildup
  • Priority access to your primary manufacturing, secondary assembly and 3PL systems
  • Consistent, process-driven communications and program management
  • Strong, stable and scalable supply chain partner
  • Decades of plastics manufacturing expertise


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Why Partner with Dutchland:

Dutchland is a high-performance contract manufacturer with rotational molding at its core.

From simple plastic parts to fully assembled, packaged and ready-to-ship products, Dutchland has big capabilities for companies seeking big growth.

Our QuickConnectTM program lets you focus on growing your business, while we manufacture your product. Whether you’re looking for a new provider to transfer production or a start-to-finish product manufacturing partner, Go BIG with Dutchland.

Production Capabilities:

  • Plastic products up to 500 lbs and 17 ft long
  • Complex geometries and tight tolerances

Pre- and Post-Production Services:

  • Parts procurement
  • Product assembly
  • Finished packaging
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Drop shipping

Anything they can do, we can do better.

Thinking about having your product made using blow molding, injection molding or thermoforming? Think again! Rotational molding, rotomolding for short, is a highly customizable, cost-effective plastics manufacturing process that delivers comparable results to those other molding techniques, but is ultimately more versatile. Dutchland can make pieces those other companies can’t.

To learn more about custom rotational molding capabilities, contact Dutchland Plastics today.