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Strengthen your supply chain with Dutchland. Expanding your existing operations or moving production to a new contract manufacturer without interruption is critical to your business’s continuity and growth. The Dutchland QuickConnect program employs our proven 5-step process to make sure we seamlessly onboard, qualify and deliver your product flawlessly on-time and on-budget. Click to Download


We are driven by making great ideas a reality. Dutchland turns great ideas into real products. Dutchland Plastics specializes in high volume plastic rotational molding. The highly controlled rotational molding manufacturing process allows us to manufacture in comparable quantities to blow molding with fewer design constraints, ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards. Click to Download

Full Service Partner

From design to delivery, you can trust Dutchland to get it done. As a leading manufacturer of rotationally molded plastic products, Dutchland is a trusted partner that brings our clients’ ideas to life. From our skilled craftsmen on the production floor at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and New York, to our engineering and design support, Dutchland is truly a one-stop manufacturer. Click to Download

Value Added Services

More than just a rotomolding company At Dutchland, we believe molding is only one part of the process. That's why we have built up a lengthy list of value-added services that make us a truly customizable one-stop shop. Let us turn your idea into reality. Click to Download

Go Big with Dutchand

What Are Your Needs? From kayaks to coolers, furniture and more, we've done it all. As one of the largest rotomolders in the U.S., we've grown by meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations for more than 50 years. Click to Download

NuCanoe Case Study

NuCanoe designed a kayak you could stand on, then trusted Dutchland to build it. It was in the early 2000s when watercraft designer and self-described beach bum had a crazy idea: design a kayak that gives users the ability to stand up safely while fishing. Click to Download

KI Case Study

When it was introduced at the NeoCon World's Trade Fair in Chicago, the Sway Chair from KI was an instant classic. Born of a marriage between Mid-Century Modern Design and pre-space race science fiction, the innovative, orbital self-adjusting chair wowed festival-goers, winning NeoCon's Innovative Product of the Year. Click to Download

Industries We Serve

Dutchland Plastics has played a role in engineering, replicating, producing and manufacturing hundreds of products for a number of industries.

rotomolded plastic food and ice containers

Outdoor Industry

Marine Industry

Furniture Industry

We are the leader in American plastic product manufacturing

Dutchland Plastics makes great ideas a reality. If you have the next big idea for a plastic product, let’s talk about how we can help make it happen.