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Rotational Molding Manufacturer of Custom Plastic Products and Parts.

Our industry is filled with terms only we understand. We could tell you we make custom rotational molded solutions, or modern manufactured plastics products, but really it comes down to this: Dutchland turns great ideas into real products.

Dutchland Specializes in High Volume Plastic Rotational Molding.


Dutchland's highly controlled rotational molding manufacturing process, also known as rotomolding, allows us to manufacture in comparable quantities to blow molding with fewer design constraints, ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards.

We Go BIG.

The BIGGER the Plastic Product, the Better.

Manufacturing large plastic products is our sweet spot. We can produce custom plastic products up to 500 pounds and up to 17 feet long.

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High Volume Manufacturing.
State of the Art Technologies.


At our facilities in Oostburg, WI and Canastota NY, we can create rotomolded products from high quality polyethylene, flexible PVC, and engineered resins that meet our customer’s exact specifications. Our facilities have the latest equipment, technology, systems and processes available to support large and small projects. As a full-service supplier, we also offer services like mold maintenance, product engineering, warehousing and distribution, drop shipping and more.

The BIGGER the better.

Manufacturing large plastic products is our sweet spot. We can produce custom plastics products up to 500 pounds and up to 17 feet long.

See What We've Made

More than Just a Rotomolding Company

At Dutchland, we believe molding is only one part of the process. That’s why we have built up a lengthy list of value-added services that make us a truly customizable one-stop shop.


Our knowledgeable engineering team provides design assistance, project and production management and product review services to ensure your products meet or exceed expectations from start to finish.

Mold Maintenance

Dutchland provides in-house preventative maintenance and tool repair to ensure your molds are always production ready and running efficiently.

Foam Filling

Dutchland has a dedicated and experienced foam department, offering both rigid (insulation and structural) and flexible (cushion) foaming.

Robotic Cutting and Routing

Dutchland uses the latest technologies to ensure the accuracy, consistency and finish of your products.


Some manufacturers stop when the parts are done, we don’t. Dutchland offers complete assembly and packaging customized to your needs.

Warehousing and Distribution

With nearly 200,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing & warehousing space, Dutchland can fulfill all of your product storage and distribution needs.

Drop Shipping

We have the ability to ship your products directly to the customer – from single-unit shipment to large retail shipments.

Quality Support

Our quality assurance team is second to none, able to clearly identify and document customer requirements and continuous improvement opportunities.

More than just a rotomolding company — we are driven by making great ideas a reality.

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