NuCanoe Trusts Dutchland to Manufacture a Kayak Stable Enough for Standing

In 2006, the NuCanoe hit the market. The rotomolded plastic hybrid that’s a little big kayak and a little bit canoe exploded on the market, and for good reason.

“You can do things in these boats that you can’t do with a lot of other boats,” said Blake Young, President of NuCanoe Inc., in a 2008 interview with Northwest Business Monthly.  “The feedback this boat gets is just really positive.”

When the Bellingham, Wash. company was looking for a rotational molding partner, the looked to Dutchland Plastics. Dutchland, which also builds NuCanoe’s line of Frontier Kayaks, could not only build the incredibly stable watercraft, they could also assemble and ship the finished products to retailers across America.

In a 2015 article with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Young said when a retailer orders NuCanoe boats, the company forwards the order to Dutchland, which builds the boats and ships them direct to the retailer.

“It’s a good arrangement,” Young said. “Logistically, shipping out of the state of Washington is difficult when two thirds of our business is east of the Mississippi. Dutchland really is a one-stop shop.”


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