Virus Mitigation to Fight New COVID Strains

It was nearly a year ago the first reports of COVID-19 surfaced from China.  Just as we started to see positive traction against the virus, new highly contagious strains have been found, including in the US. Because viruses cannot reproduce on their own, they must use whatever tools they have in front of them. And as a result, viruses change and mutate over time. This new strain of COVID-19 appears to spread faster and more easily from person-to-person.  In fact, this new strain is predicted to account for 30% of all COVID cases in the next five to six weeks.  With hot spots in CA and FL, the new COVID variant has hit WI and NY soil. But fear not, Dutchland has safety in mind, always.

From day one, Dutchland has had our employee’s safety at the forefront of our minds. We have been diligent about implementing practices to help limit the spread of COVID-19 to keep employees safe while at work:

  •  – implementing social distancing protocols,
  •  – adding plant security,
  •  – requiring temperature checks for all individuals entering the facility,
  •  – providing safety masks to be always worn,
  •  – adding access to our onsite nurse for all temporary and permanent employees,
  •  – providing onsite COVID testing and rapid response; and
  •  – enhancing cleaning and sanitation including additional cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.

As of recent, we launched an internal fumigation program. A service we previously outsourced is now being done in-house by our internal safety experts. Should a situation arise, we are able to respond immediately and act. As an added benefit, bringing this program in-house will allow Dutchland to schedule regular fumigations based on surface conditions from our testing protocols.

Looking beyond COVID, we will use our in-house fumigation efforts to allow a continuous “virus” mitigated environment for our employees.

We will get through this together.

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