4 Ways We Ensure On-Time Delivery of Your Plastic Product

Let’s set the stage. You’re a manufacturer of outdoor plastic furniture. Your biggest customer needs 5,000 units in a very short time frame. Time is of the essence. Any delays can cost you money, your customer money and their customers money. Meeting customers’ expectations and delivery requirements has to be a priority for your business. Here are the four ways Dutchland ensures on-time delivery of your product.

1. High Quality Account Management

When time is critical, communication becomes crucial. Our account managers know the ins and outs of your company’s projects. We know how important it is to get projects in and out the door efficiently, without jeopardizing quality. We communicate with our customers through every step in the rotomolding process, from product design support to final delivery, to ensure the deadline is met. If the scope of work changes or deadlines change, we can work with our production team to make the necessary changes to expedite your project. By having a dedicated account manager, we can also help you forecast upcoming projects, ensuring we have everything on hand to avoid any production delays.

2. Latest Technologies

We use the latest technologies to expedite production without cutting corners. Our use of robotic cutting and routing equipment helps save a significant amount of time and resources, and ensures an accurate, consistent finish of your product. This means rotomolded product one will look identical to rotomolded product 4,000. It also means that our client’s rotomolded plastic products will be produced significantly faster than if it required manual cutting and routing.

3. Mold Maintenance

We provide in-house preventative mold maintenance and repairs, ensuring that molds are ready to go when the time comes. Having production ready molds, makes it easy to scale production. So, as your business grows, we are there to grow with you.

4. Drop Shipping

Once production is finished, we can store the products in our 200,000 square feet of production and warehouse space. Once your customer is ready for their products, we can ship directly to them through drop shipping. This also helps prevent any unforeseen delays and damages in the shipping process. This saves you (and your customer) not only time, but also money.  

From account management to drop shipping, Dutchland is there every step of the way to ensure your products are delivered on time. We have the experience, expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to scale with your business.  


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