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Special Note

Since COVID-19, with indoor facilities being closed due to the pandemic, there has been a surge in outdoor recreational children’s activities. Social distancing has caregivers seeking parks, backyard playgrounds,  and open-air spaces, spending time outside in search of safety. As a leading manufacturer of playground accessories, Dutchland has been expanding to meet increased market demand.

“We’re in full hiring mode across the entire organization. Our equipment keeps running and our operations are pretty busy right now. There are employment opportunities across all functional areas for those seeking work,” says Matt Groh Director of Human Resources.

New opportunities are being posted weekly and can always be best found at https://www.dutchland.com/careers/ by following the “Current Openings” link.  Please email us at careers@dutchland.com or call us directly at (920) 287-0851 for more information or assistance on how to apply.