Dutchland Plastics Wins Top Awards for Rotomolding

Dutchland Plastics was awarded two of the highest awards from the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) at the 2014 Rotomolded Products Competition.

Dutchland Plastics introduced the new MTX Audio roof for the Polaris RZR off-road vehicles at the October 2014 Rotoplas International Rotational Molding Convention in conjunction with ARM’s 2014 Annual Fall Meeting. The Association of Rotational Molders recognizes companies and products outstanding in the field of plastic rotational molding to foster public awareness of design applications and rotational molding capabilities. Dutchland Plastics and the MTX Audio Roof were initially awarded “Rotomolded Conversion of the Year” and then received top honors with the “Rotomolded Product of the Year Award”.

Accepting_award_3 Rotomolders-national-convention-dutchland-plastics

Rotomolded Product Of The Year

This plastic rotomolded roof provides protection, comfort, style, storage, lighting and a premium audio system from MTX Audio. The industrial design was specifically developed to accent the RZR through a strong partnership with MTX Audio and Polaris. While the standard Polaris roof is manufactured from steel, the plastic roof provides high impact protection for passengers with super tough rotomolded LLDPE resin. The rotomolded hollow features and multiple insert molded threads are utilized to integrate the complex audio package, 3 LED light bars, tail lights, dome & cargo lights, and a dry box overhead storage compartment.

The plastic hollow roof is also serves as an important feature of being the speaker housing for 4 powerful MTX speakers resulting in an incredible sound experience for any rider. Although it wasn’t made on a rotomold Rock-N-Roll machine, it is certainly is made to rock your soul.