High Volume Manufacturing of Plastic Products: From Design to Delivery

Turning an innovative idea into a useful and long-lasting product can be a reality with Dutchland Plastics. We specialize in creating completed plastic rotomolded products made from high quality polyethylene, flexible PVC and engineered resins. Learn more about how Dutchland can help you and your company with your high volume manufacturing needs.

Dutchland Offers Turnkey Services

Our quality turnkey services can provide you with everything you need to sell your completed products. The inception of your product starts with our knowledgeable and experienced team who will help you design the products to your exact specifications. Our quality assurance team oversees the entire project so that the product you’ve envisioned in the past becomes a reality.

At Dutchland, we incorporate the latest technologies in your design concept. This ensures that the quality finish, accuracy and consistency is present in all the products we create.

Value Added Services by Dutchland

We don’t just create quality products for you; our team provides in-house maintenance on every mold. This guarantees that your molds are always ready to create products smoothly and efficiently. Our foam department can supply you with rigid or flexible foam, depending on your production needs.

Many manufacturing companies leave you to deal with the assembly, packaging, shipping, storage and distribution of your custom-made products, but we can handle all these details for you. Another valuable service that we offer is drop shipping; this delivers your products quickly and safely, directly to your customers.

Advantages of Rotational Molding

For many products, rotational molding – or rotomolding – is superior to other plastic forming methods. In rotational molding, the actual mold is rotated during the manufacturing process. This evenly distributes the plastic inside the mold’s interior. Rotational molding is ideal for manufacturing a variety of products that are hollow inside, such as kayaks or large storage tanks.

When you discover the benefits of how rotomolded plastics create long-lasting and complex products for your company and increase your bottom line, you will be sold on this innovative technology.

Dutchland Plastics experienced and knowledgeable teams takes your visions and creates quality products for your company. From design, to quality assurance, maintenance, distribution, and even shipping, we are the go-to manufacturer for all your plastic product needs.


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