KI Wins Innovation Award for Rotomolded Seat

KI rotomolded chair innovation award

KI Furniture wins NeoCon’s 2015 Innovation Award for the rotomolded Sway Chair manufactured by Dutchland Plastics. Hailed on social media as the “Grand Slam”, “Slam Dunk” and “The KI K.O”, the unique design of the Sway Chair captivated Neocon’s visitors and judges.

The partnership with Dutchland Plastics began last fall as KI searched for a local rotomolding supplier capable of guiding the concept idea to launching the manufacturing. Dutchland’s vast experience with furniture and other cosmetic products made an ideal union. Daven Claerbout of Dutchland Plastics says ‘the key to finalizing the design was a crossover of experience between our engineers. Tedd Mentink, our Director of Engineering, made a significant contribution that ultimately made the pivoting seat possible’. ‘This is a great relationship and a classic example of some of our best success stories.’

KI’s rotomolded chair offers users true freedom of movement. Sway’s innovative design is based on a unique, 3D orbital motion and allows users to move freely from front to back, side to side, and everywhere in between. Sway enables users to work, study, think or relax for hours on end with uninterrupted comfort. With an aesthetic that challenges convention, Sway is thoroughly modern yet adaptive enough to be used anywhere.

KI rotomold chair

Unlike traditional lounge seating, Sway instantly self-adjusts to an individual’s preferred seating position and style. Its 180-degree full rotational movement and ease of motion provide infinite adjustability to any position, all while maintaining full cushion and body contact.

  • Unique—The first of its kind, Sway offers a new definition in comfort with an orbital motion.
  • Fluid Motion—With freedom of movement, Sway gently moves front-to-back like a rocker, swings side-to-side like a cradle, and swivels 360 degrees like a task chair.
  • Versatile—Ideal for both collaborative environments and private retreat areas alike, Sway easily adjusts to your changing needs and versatile seating styles.
  • Durable—With a rotational molded shell and base, Sway is incredibly durable and designed to withstand high-demand environments.


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