Rotational Molding for Cars, Recreational Vehicles, Boats and More

Rotational molding, or rotomolding, has many advantages and benefits over other traditional fabrication methods, but many entrepreneurs don’t realize that Dutchland Plastics makes quality products for motorized vehicles as well. We’ve worked with clients in the automotive, agricultural, heavy machinery and recreation vehicle industries to create new or convert metal parts to high-quality, durable rotomolded plastic parts.

Specialized equipment for recreational vehicles

Rotomolded parts are ideal for manufacturing recreational vehicle parts and other types of equipment. This is because plastic parts are lighter in weight than traditional metal components. A lighter weight means that the vehicle uses less fuel, and this is beneficial for the RV owner and makes the vehicle more eco-friendly.

Recreational vehicles are produced in smaller numbers than automobiles and often require highly specialized parts. This combination results in smaller parts orders, which is not a problem when you’re using the rotational molding process.

Recreational vehicle furnishings need to be both aesthetically appealing to the owner and durable. Rotomolding meets these criteria and also provides variety for choosing colors or textures.

Built for the road, the farm and the great outdoors

Rotomolding provides flexibility of design, a reduction in fabrication and tooling costs, and double wall constructions that are not always possible in other fabrication methods.

Rotational molding produces parts that have intricate details and finishes, minimal waste, few stress points and excellent uniformity in wall thickness.

Some of the products currently molded by this technique include heater and air conditioner ductwork and filler tubes. Other products include sun visors and arm rests, truck dash boards and much more.

Dutchland Plastics also specializes in creating durable, attractive lightweight boats, kayaks, farm equipment and many other plastic products and parts.

Award-winning products

In 2014, Dutchland Plastics was presented with two of the highest awards from the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) at the 2014 Rotomolded Products Competition. The prestigious awards were the “Rotomolded Conversion of the Year” and also the top honor of “Rotomolded Product of the Year Award.” These awards came as a result of fostering public awareness of design applications and showcasing the capabilities of rotational molding in the new MTX Audio roof for the Polaris RZR off-road vehicles.

Dutchland Plastics was also presented with the Conversion Award in 2017. This was for the rotomolded contribution to a large mobile generator from ITW/Hobart.

Built to last, built for anything

With the ability to create rotomolded products from high quality polyethylene, flexible PVC, and engineered resins, Dutchland Plastics can produce custom plastic products up to 500 pounds and up to 17 feet long.

With the latest equipment, technology, systems and processes available to support large and small projects, Dutchland is full-service supplier, offering services like mold maintenance, product engineering, warehousing and distribution, drop shipping and more.


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