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Dutchland Plant Loggy

Originally published in Business in Focus magazine 
By Samita Sarkar

Dutchland Plastics was founded on humble beginnings by Bill and Nancy Claerbout in 1967 to manufacture lawn ornaments such as deer and gnomes via molding, filling them with concrete, and painting the finished products. Never shying away from innovation, as the company developed and grew, it began to manufacture products out of polyethylene and engineered resins, servicing a variety of industries, including recreation, marine, construction, industrial, and telecom.

Since its inception, Dutchland Plastics has been steadily growing. Its original plant was about two miles away from the current facility, and this plant was expanded more than a dozen times over 40 years. Finally, in 2013, the company consolidated its operations into a modern 170,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for plastic products.

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