Replacing Metal Parts with Rotomolded Plastics

The concept of replacing metal parts with plastics has been around for years, yet many businesses are only now learning about the benefits of using rotational molded plastic components over metal fabrication.

By replacing metal parts, that are conducive to wear-and-tear, with rotational molded plastics you will notice certain benefits immediately.

Benefits of Metal-to-Plastic Conversion

The benefits of producing metal components with rotationally molded plastics include:

  • The plastic parts do not rust, and they are corrosion-resistant. Rotomolded plastics stand up against environmental factors such as wind or moisture better than some metals. In fact, they typically last six times longer than the standard metal components.
  • Rotomolded plastics are a wise option when varying wall thicknesses are necessary in your components. Also, they are useful in parts where handles, inserts or other features are necessary to the design.
  • Certain plastics are designed to be electrically and thermally conductive. This makes them a wise choice in automotive electrical systems and EMI/RFI shields.
  • Plastic components are chemical resistant, and they are exceptionally heat-resistant. This makes them a perfect option in fuel systems and other applications where extreme temperatures are common.
  • Plastic components don’t weigh as much as metal parts; therefore, they reduce the weight of the component and increase fuel efficiency. They also cost less to produce and save the manufacturer on shipping costs. Overall, the savings can be up to half than comparable metal parts.
  • When properly designed, plastic parts are as durable and strong as metal components. Over time, you save money on replacement parts.
  • Engineers enjoy using rotomolded plastics to create components because the plastics allows for design flexibility in ways that many metals can’t. One plastic remolded part can even replace two or three metal parts due to the design flexibility.

When you’re considering manufacturing new parts, consider switching to rotomolded plastics. Their versatility, decreased weight, durability, strength and non-corrosive features ensure that you get your money’s worth out of every piece.